Auke Creek Research Station Report: Data summary and historical trends from 1980 to 2017

S. C. Vulstek
The Auke Creek weir, located in Juneau, Alaska, is a permanent fish counting structure that allows for near complete sampling of downstream and upstream migrant salmonid species. The weir has been in operation in its current configuration since 1980 and has produced a rich long-term series of biological and physical data. Collected data include fish abundance, migration timing, age, length, and weight, as well as creek temperature, and gauge height. We summarize data collected in 2017 and
more » ... historical trends from 1980 to 2017. Since 1980, the temperature of Auke Creek appears to have increased. Coinciding with environmental changes, several biological attributes of Auke Creek salmonids have also been changing, such as migrations occurring earlier. Despite changing biotic and abiotic conditions, the abundance of most species and populations of Auke Creek salmonids has remained stable.
doi:10.25923/b9pe-hd64 fatcat:tvkpsdir5jhwjogebiirqspmhu