p53 is essential for chemotherapy-induced hair loss

V A Botchkarev, E A Komarova, F Siebenhaar, N V Botchkareva, P G Komarov, M Maurer, B A Gilchrest, A V Gudkov
2000 Cancer Research  
Anticancer drugs stimulate apoptosis in the hair follicles (HF) and cause hair loss, the most common side effect of chemotherapy. In a mouse model for chemotherapy-induced hair loss, we demonstrate that p53 is essential for this process: in contrast to wild-type mice, p53-deficient mice show neither hair loss nor apoptosis in the HF keratinocytes that maintained active proliferation after cyclophosphamide treatment. HF in p53 mutants are characterized by down-regulation of Fas and insulin-like
more » ... s and insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 3 and by increased expression of Bcl-2. These observations indicate that local pharmacological inhibition of p53 may be useful to prevent chemotherapy-associated hair loss.
pmid:11016618 fatcat:i2nly4tftnbjrd5piikza3y5pm