Theoretical Study and Case Analysis for a Predried Lignite-Fired Power System

Ming Liu, Junjie Yan, Bofeng Bai, Daotong Chong, Xiaoke Guo, Feng Xiao
2011 Drying Technology  
Lignite, a kind of low rank coal, has the characteristics of high moisture, high volatile, high ash and low heat value. The low-temperature pyrolysis technology is potential to improve the utilization efficiency of lignite. Therefore, a lignite-based energy system integrated with pre-drying and lowtemperature pyrolysis was proposed in this paper. To assess the influence of pre-drying process, theoretical models were developed based on thermodynamics, and a case analysis was then performed to
more » ... hen performed to get the quantitative effect of pre-drying on efficiency of energy utilization. Results show that pre-drying on PPPS theoretical model can significantly improve the utilization of lignite by 1.46%.
doi:10.1080/07373937.2011.582559 fatcat:nzw64wha55bw7keoy6fo2p77vq