Blood-Based Gene Expression in children with Autism spectrum disorder

Hristo Ivanov, Vili Stoyanova, Nikolay Popov, M Bosheva, Tihomir Vachev
2015 BioDiscovery  
Citation: Ivanov HY, Stoyanova VK, Popov NT, Bosheva M, Vachev TI. Blood-based gene expression in children with Autism spectrum disorder. Abstract Comparative gene expression profiling analysis is useful in discovering differentially expressed genes associated with various diseases, including mental disorders. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a severe neuropsychiatric disorder which has complex pathobiology with profound influences of genetic factors in its development. Although numerous
more » ... susceptible genes were identified, the etiology of autism is not fully explained. The study aimed to examine gene expression profiling in peripheral blood from 60 individuals divided into two groups: children with ASD and age-and gender-matched healthy subjects (ASD control). A genome-wide sequencing of copy DNA molecules was conducted to obtain information for quantitative expression of all genes subject to this study and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) pathway-based analysis was used to further understand genes' biological functions. Based on the conducted expression analysis 23 differentially expressed genes and 21 KEGG signaling pathways with statistical significant change were identified. Bloodbased comparative gene expression profiling analysis is useful in discovering genetic markers associated with ASD. Our data will provide a valuable resource for discovery purposes and for comparison to other gene expression-based, genome-wide studies and other functional data.
doi:10.7750/biodiscovery.2015.17.2 fatcat:e575iu2iuvfs7lbgixn66jfqqa