Debabrata Panda, Poly Tikadar
2022 Zenodo  
Fly ash is a waste product of Industrial plants that pose serious environmental hazards. The possibility of using fly ash as a soil amendment in the reclamation of disturbed areas is a research topic of growing interest. The present study evaluated effects of fly ash on germination of rice crops to work out the optimum level of ash addition and relate germination effects with early seedling vigour characteristics caused by mixing ash with the soil. Increase in concentration of fly ash decrease
more » ... n seed germination and least germination was seen in 100 % fly ash while seedling growth in terms of both shoot length and root length was found to be significantly more in low concentration (25%) of fly ash in compared to the control and higher concentrations of Fly ash. There was no significant difference of leaf Chlorophyll a and Chlorophyll b in control and different treatments, but the total chlorophyll found to be more in 25% of fly ash concentration followed by 100 % of fly ash and least was observed in control condition, while SPAD index was decreased with the increase of fly ash concentration in the incorporated soil. The study revealed that the fly ash in low concentration could be beneficial in improving plant growth and early seedling vigour of rice plants can be used as soil amendment and, while adverse effects was observed at higher levels. This finding is encouraging for an agro-friendly disposal of this potential multiple-pollutant in rice cultivation and soil-fertilization as well. Key Words: Chlorophyll; Fly ash; Germination; Seedling vigour; Rice. REFERENCES Adriano D. C., Page A. L., Elseewi A. A., Change A. C., Straughan I. 1980. Utilization and Disposal of fly-ash and other residues in terrestrial ecosystems: review. Jornal ofEnviron. Qual. 9: 333-334. Chang A. C, Lund L. J., Page A. L., Warneke J. E. 1977. Physical properties of fly ash amended soils. J. Environ. Qual. 6: 267-270. Eary L.E., Rai D., Mattigod S. V., Ainsworth [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7219469 fatcat:vp5oouzqjnhdbc2ejadcwd4ua4