Analysis of Special Consequences and Losses of Equipment Accident in Thermal Power Plant

Kong Shuai, Yu Xuefen, Ling Zhangwei, Tang Ping, Jin Nanhui
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
Many types of equipment in the thermal power plant has special risks. Once a safety accident occurs, it often causes special consequences and losses. The indirect losses are difficult to calculate in general due to the special property. In this paper, a calculation model was proposed, considering collateral production impact on upstream and downstream industries, the inconvenience impact on people's electricity and gas supply, and social security panic by rapidly spreading to media and public
more » ... media and public opinion. An example of a main steam pipe burst accident in a thermal power plant was analysed. The ratio of indirect economic losses and direct economic losses was obtained. Results showed that the ratio value (35.4) was much higher than the value (4) of general industrial accident loss. The ratio value maybe even much higher if the internal medium of special equipment has strong toxic and harmful effects. It is quite important to make concerted efforts to manufacture, usage, management, inspection, safety monitoring, and scientific supervision, in order to detect and eliminate hidden dangers early and ensure the safe operation of special equipment.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202125202018 doaj:936a8dd25c2141748f009f8fed97ad24 fatcat:krwbqhdmmzcclo6t5oijqombrm