On the Selleri Transformations: Analysis of Recent Attempts by Kassner to Resolve Selleri's Paradox

Stephan J. G. Gift
2015 Applied Physics Research  
This paper is a response to recent attempts by Kassner (2012) to resolve Selleri's paradox, a construction involving light speeds on a rotating disc that undermines the validity of special relativity. Kassner's first approach employed Einstein synchronization and failed as it led to an unphysical time discontinuity. His second approach ironically involved the introduction of the Inertial (or Selleri) transformations which explain the associated Sagnac effect using light speed anisotropy but
more » ... erve the paradox. His core methodology based on his belief that a clock synchronization procedure can be freely chosen is shown to be without foundation and therefore the paradox stands unresolved.
doi:10.5539/apr.v7n2p112 fatcat:yax7b3dy7rbhvh3ql7f5qj7tlq