Model contracts in the construction industry

Geoff Haley
2012 Amicus Curiae  
trying to produce a simplified picture has its pitfalls. Certainly, taking a 3 2-year 'window of observation' for analysis produces a paradox. Patterns may be more discernible over a long-term but the amount of data available often makes analysis complex. Furthermore, there are dangers of being trapped by the statistical procedures one adopts. Identifying four rather different domains in which those convicted of sex offences seem to operate, we have provided a somewhat essentialist stance. In
more » ... ialist stance. In brief, our analysis may suggest that lives are rather more static than they really are. In fact, lives can be quite dynamic. Perhaps persons whom we have deemed as essentially violent or acquisitive or deceptive or homosexual do change over time and what we have deemed as their 'master status' may not remain constant. Nevertheless, we suggest that this analysis helps to guard against the rather narrow focus on sexual offending in isolation which current theory and practice seem to encourage. @
doi:10.14296/ac.v1999i17.1477 fatcat:zqddnskzbbb3tmjmy4joex5lay