Євстахевич Андрій Львович
2019 Zenodo  
The article reveals the essence of the issues of social responsibility in the modern management of Ukrainian enterprises. It has been proved that despite the existence of scientific-theoretical and practical prerequisites, the expediency of distinguishing a variety of management activities, social responsibility management is still not substantiated. The justification of the appropriateness of distinguishing the management of social responsibility is based on the provisions of international
more » ... f international standards of corporate social responsibility and on the basis of statistical data analysis. The content of corporate social responsibility today remains a controversial issue. Social responsibility in connection with its importance in the long-term dimension relates to the sphere of strategic management of enterprises. It has been proved that internal elements of social responsibility are well controlled but external weakly controlled and predictable. This applies in particular to the problem of child labor analyzed from the point of view of the interaction between enterprises. Separation of social responsibility management will expand the list of managerial specialties and create, where possible, the positions of the social responsibility manager at the enterprises. Implementation of social responsibility practices should be expanded not only to large enterprises, but also to the segment of small and medium enterprises. The overall increase in social responsibility across all sectors in the context of cooperation between business and the state, local governments will increase the overall level of social security of citizens, as well as the business climate in the country, which will facilitate the attraction of international investment.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2631440 fatcat:34nkbljvofe4xekuouxafvdtb4