Design of a Sprout Ultrasonic Aeroponic Cultivation Device

Yi Guo, Jiwu Ma
2017 Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Materials Science, Machinery and Energy Engineering (MSMEE 2017)   unpublished
In factory production of sprouts, the layer-rack vertical cultivation devices are usually used and the sprinkling irrigation adopted, which is a severe waste of water resources. Besides, for lack of sunshine, growth of sprouts is hampered. To solve this problem, a sprout ultrasonic aeroponic cultivation device has been designed. Test results show that this device can enable heavy growth of the sprout root system and improve mean yield by more than 15%, save irrigation water by more than 20%
more » ... y more than 20% than the traditional sprinkling irrigation method and can save labor cost by more than 30% owing to its automatic irrigation. This device features a simple structure, easy operation, safety and reliability, to realize automatic irrigation of sprouts, improve yield of sprouts and save production cost, so it is easy to be promoted in production.
doi:10.2991/msmee-17.2017.310 fatcat:rgul7ytbefahxnxc5skgeam5v4