Risk Management Analysis In Gala Financing Procedures In Sharia Bank

Ikhsan Fajri, Muksal Muksal, Eddy Gunawan, Teuku Kesuma
2020 Proceedings of the Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Economic and Social Science, ICON-ESS, 17–18 October 2018, Banda Aceh, Indonesia   unpublished
In its financing activities, Gala has a variety of classical and content issues where the problem is a natural feature that commonly occurs in the modern financial world known as risk. The risk gala financing also becomes a fundamental problem that must be anticipated and reduced the level of risk from the beginning by the capital owner in order to create a healthy gala financing activity given the risks involved in financing a segment that is different from the risk in other financing which is
more » ... financing which is in the risk financing segment. the majority of people who take financing are middle-income (poor) and middle-income (simple) communities with 5 (five) consumptive motives including, 1 (one) for Economic Difficulty Motives, 2 (two) Motives for Marriage and Death Events, 3 ( three) for Children's Education Motives, 4 (four) for Debt Trapped Motives and 5 (five) for Medical Motives and 1 (one) productive Motive for Business Capital Addition. The purpose of this research is to see how the risk management mechanism in the gala financing procedure is applied to Islamic banks. This research is based on the methodology of the research method chosen using qualitative methods, in which the method which describes the research based on accurate data is systematically arranged. While the type of research that the writer did in this research was a literature study, which examined the reference sources from books or other reading sources that examined the analysis of risk management in gala financing on Islamic Banks. The results of this study indicate that Islamic banks if they want to implement Gala financing must consider problems and risks in providing financing to members / customers. The problems that occur are that there are still many gala motives that are carried out for non-productive reasons and generally the members' productive businesses have a low level of feasibility due to limitations in the aspects of marketing, technical production, management and organization. selective in providing financing to members, this is very reasonable in addition to business management the members have not been credible or have not fulfilled the requirements for financing, so this condition becomes a serious problem in the future for Islamic banks if they want to channel the financing so the bank needs to focus and apply the principle caution against. On the other hand in the view of Islam, the risk of financing a gala is not something to be feared so it must be avoided, Islam is very pressing through its economic system to minimize any level of risk at any level of financing that is channeled in order to create a healthy and productive business atmosphere.
doi:10.4108/eai.17-10-2018.2294208 fatcat:ngwnygbzszem7eqqb27scisk5u