Degradation dynamics cognition and prediction of Li-ion battery: An integrated methodology for alleviating range anxiety

Laifa Tao, Tong Zhang, Jie Hao, Xiaolin Wang, Chen Lu, Mingliang Suo, Yu Ding
2020 IEEE Access  
We report an integrated methodology (FMC-XGBoost) that mainly consists of a five-state nonhomogeneous Markov chain model (FMC) and XGBoost model. Unlike those existing methods in which capacity fading processes are assumed to be irreversible, the proposed integrated methodology can combine user-specific driving patterns (UDP) and capacity recovery effects (CRE) to predict battery fading dynamics even with partially available data for an individual battery. The parameters of the constructed FMC
more » ... odel are linked to the known physicochemical and material properties of Li-ion battery fading dynamics, which aims to cognize and predict the primary fading dynamics, and the proposed XGBoost model is to cognizes and predicts the fluctuation dynamics regarding UDP & CRE. To comprehensively verify the capabilities of the proposed integrated methodology, a series of cases and comparisons are conducted and analysed based on partial available fading data by selecting batteries to simulate situations of individual differences and different UDPs & CREs. The averages of MAE, MRE and RMSE are approximately 0.0128, 0.9251%, and 0.0153 respectively even when only 60% of the data are available. All verifications and comparison analyses reveal that the proposed integrated methodology provides an accurate, robust, stable, and general way to cognize and predict battery fading dynamics during usage, and subsequently to alleviate range anxiety for batteries in real applications.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3029397 fatcat:e7jhvc4lzbd5ni4qrcz3swu5je