Licorice root. A natural sweetener and an important ingredient in Chinese medicine

Isao Kitagawa
2002 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
This paper reviews our investigations on the chemical constituents of several kinds of botanically identified licorice roots, which led to the characterization of 13 then-new glucuronide-saponins named licorice-saponins (A­L), apioglycyrrhizin, and araboglycyrrhizin, together with glycyrrhizin and 18α-glycyrrhizin and also of 49 kinds of phenolic compounds and their glycosides (11 then-new). The restoration-promoting activity of licorice-saponin B2 for CCl
doi:10.1351/pac200274071189 fatcat:5j5mjuktazf67ikx5myc4lhin4