Long-term consolidation behavior interpreted with isotache concept for worldwide clays: By Watabe, Y., Udaka, K., Nakatani, Y., Leroueil, S., 2012. Soils and Foundations 52 (3), 449–464

Gholamreza Mesri
2013 Soil and foundation  
The authors attempt to revive the isotache concept using the C a /C c law of compressibility. However, a fundamental limitation of the authors' approach leads them to reach incorrect and misleading conclusions about the magnitude and behavior of C a /C c . The objective of this discussion is to clarify that the authors' parameter D log p c /D log _ e vp is not necessarily equal to C a /C c (where C a ¼ De/D log t, C c ¼ De/D log s 0 v in recompression and compression range, e ¼ void ratio, t¼
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doi:10.1016/j.sandf.2013.01.002 fatcat:ycf6ouyutbchfp6wfhwmmks2z4