Left Hippocampus to Anterior Cingulate Cortex Connectivity Correlates with Worse Recent Verbal Memory in Pornography Addicted Juveniles [article]

Pukovisa Prawiroharjo, Rizki Edmi Edison, M.D., Hainah Ellydar, Peter Pratama, M.D., Sitti Evangeline Imelda Suaidy, Nya' Zata Amani, Diavitri Carissima, Ghina Faradisa Hatta, M.D.
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
and aims: Imperil by the convenience of information and knowledge access, children exposed to pornography have worsened. As such, this study aims to gain insight into brain connectivity and cognitive function effect of pornography addiction in juveniles, as the best of our knowledge, this study is the first to specifically learn about memory function in juvenile's pornography addiction. Methods: We screened 30 juveniles with 4 dropouts (13 non-addiction vs 13 addiction group). Subjects
more » ... . Subjects underwent neuropsychiatric tests (memory, attention, and intelligence) and fMRI image acquisition. We carried correlation analysis of brain connectivity and neuropsychiatric test results. Results: Significant disconnection between left hippocampus to ACC (Z-transformed r-value, non-addiction vs addiction = 0.07 ± 0.19 vs -0.08 ± 0.17, p=0.04, cohen d=0.83) followed by worse verbal recent memory in pornography addicted juveniles (RAVLT A6 sub-score, p <0.01, d=0.67; A7 sub-score, p=0.01). Attention and intelligence test resulted to insignificant correlation. Discussion: This data-driven analysis result strongly promotes the involvement of cortico-subcortical systems in pornography addiction, emphasizing the role of reward system pathology, indifferent to addiction pathophysiology in general. Decline in working memory, which are maintained by corticolimbic network, including hippocampus and ACC, affects goal-oriented behaviour greatly. This, correspond to our significant result of addiction group's decline in memory, regardless of its association with attention and intelligence. Conclusion : Disconnection between left hippocampus to ACC suggested similar neurobiological abnormalities as seen on other addictive disorders. Its disconnection was also correlated with worse verbal recent memory in pornography addicted juveniles, without affecting attention and intelligence, results showed.
doi:10.1101/2020.12.23.424123 fatcat:fdvsylr3yremjnvuxxdvklgkry