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1914 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
OBITUARY. Cr. I.-CENERAL PLANT; nfACHINERY. I < r y~l (hllrgo of Sciencr, lhiIiIiii, and soon nftrrwnrcls Iiccnnic nn cngiiirrr in ~inrtncr~ltip with thu Into nrr. Socictv'R Journnl froni 188.5 to 18!11, on tlic Z'iiblicntion ('oinniittrr froin lR9l to 1899. nntl on tlic Coiincil froni 1891 t o Ifif).?. He was cnllwl to tho bnr lit the .\lidcllc 'I'~*in111r in 18n6 niicl took rilk in 1!110. Hir eqwricncr nn nit I iiginrrr wns of grrat scrrico to liini nt tlic I'nrliainc~ntnrv l h r , wlierr 110
more » ... l h r , wlierr 110 notrn ol~tiiincvl n Inrgc Iirnctirc. 11; clrnftrtl t~i c C'linrtcr of ~ncor~ionition nncl 1ig.ltrws of thin Swiety. s. If. .Jolttison. I!C SCrrCtl fls rill n1JMtrflCtoI' for thC Journal and Patent Literature. FATEIT SFECIPICATIOXS mny ba olitnlncd by post by rcnlltliiig ns follows :-Bnpluh.-8d. each, to tlie Com~itroller of Ilia I'ntaut Olllce, W. Temple Frniilin, Eaq., Soutlinniliton Ilnllclliign, Chnncery Lnnc, Lonclon. W.C. L-GENERAL PUNT ; MACHINERY. " ~l f a i i~i t i~~l~-~~~~i~~~~ " ; [lee thei i c clwitical iiitlttulrg. JhnMoim or nir-lift piinips nrc constructed in nntinioniiil Ictrd. stoncwarv, tincl cbonitc. for lifting ncid nntl nlknlinc liqnicls IIR w l l ns for tho t r u~i s~i o~t~r t i o~i of gu1icottoll stuqicndcd in l i t ttitle, nnd ac~re1111 linvo btwi inatallcvl for tliiq Iiurposi*.-X. S. Air ; Jfuirfttre iib coiirpresascd -[/or piciiiitnlic fools]. To a\,oid condenention of the mtiiatiiro in it, wlirii co~ii-pmaI air b iitilisrd in pncuinntio tooln it is udV~ltit~l~colkR first to cool tho coni~irt~~ssrcl nir, uiid tlicn t o rcltcnt it luforo i t cntcrs tlic tco1.-9' . fh. K. ~l~~r b n r l~. Chctii.-hit., 1014, 38, 274-275. A. Ifofntunn. ICng. nnd hiin, J" 1914, 97, 30(3--3(17. P.\T E STS. Cooliity, rlrciitsiiig ittit1 t?r!/irlg g w w ; i~p J K l r U f I l H lor -. 1Cng. I'nt. 21 14, .Jnn. 27, 1 111: gne piissiw ilo~rn~vtirtl~ tliroiigl~ ir rcrtical conicnl cliainbcr, tho with ~O W O P c1icl of a l~i o l i tcrniinntoe i ! ! II flutrcl con111 inrtinlly i n i i n~~r~c d ill n liqi~icl scnl. 1110 wnuliing ~iqitid in sliruycci into t~i c top of t~i o c~iunibcr~ Owing to tlic incrrrising ororis.ncctionnl tirun of tho cb,ninbcr tho sliwcl of tho giie stondily c~c C l O i i~c . l r , wliilet tltnt of tho I~qtiid ~inrticlra runitriiin olniont constunt. Tho wwhcd g i i~ pnascs 1iutweu11 tliu tcotli of tliu 001th into an uricloeiing ol~tinilior, cc*I~ioh niny bu ~irwidod with radial, vorticul, fliitod iaotallio ntripi, liuviiig rnggod holccl ~~i t i i o l t~l in tlleni, or with otlirr saitablo niaana for 1 ' . I{. \\'ollruton, Jliincl~cstcr. 3913. ,. 2 Ct. L-QENERAL PLANT: MACHINERY. COSTIXUOUSIS opernt ing nncl dischnrging innchino of the rotary typo, consisting of n combinccl conicnl cylindcr nnd nutoinntic rcvrrwing genr ; it is rotntccl within nn outcr cnsing by suitnblc mnchinery. A ctirrcnt of hot nir is MSSCC~ throiigh tlic outer cnsing, nntl tlic mnterinl is d into tlic sinnilrr cnrl of tlic tirun1 onel tlischergcd from nn openiiig in the nidc ncnr the Inrgcr Drying by 1uiaungc of hot irir thniirgli the iiialcrial triitl r i w p mtiotr ;ti raciio ; I'roecs.9 id-. A. Mnvinhnc nntl 11. D. X. l'cisscirc. TIIE nmtcrial is p n u~d clown\vnrda bctwecn two vcrticrrl Iwrfornted phtm cnch of which forms onc sitlc of n chnrnbcr. 11 suplily of hentcd air is cldivercd to tlic chnrnbcr on one sidv nntl pnsxw~ horizontnlly through tho lnyer of nintcrinl to the chnmbcr on the otht*r sitlr. which communicntcs with II suction clcvicc. Tho iiieterinl iu in this way cxposctl both to n p r t i n l vnciiiini nirtl to n currcnt of licntccl nir.-\\'. 11. C' . CII~.--\\'. H. C! . Fr. Pat. JW2,873, Sov. 18, 101L'. TllE flringcd edges nf iin uppw nntl n lower cnsing nru clninlwd togctlicr with u cloth of felt or other siiitnlilc liltcring mntcriol bctwrrn. The liquid is fed into tlw y i p r v w c l which hns u reinovnlh corer and nu intcrnnl irivcrtcel conicnl pnrtition with n circulrir olwniiig nt tho nl'cr of the cone. A vrrticnl lrrfornted cylinrlcr tits into !his opcnin nnd wrvm to rctnin crny coarser 1iurticlc.s. rhc filtered liquid is withdrnwn from tho low-r viwcl through on opcning nt the s;dc.-\V. 11. C Piltrriiig, rctiioriiig y w r a frtiiti, tiirrl rliutilliiry liqaitb ; rlppurtrtira for -. 11. KirwIi1:cr. geb. \\'iichsniiith. G'c.r. Ikt. 2ti5,880, Sov. 17. 1912. 'hk: liquid is Iirojr*ctcd in tlic forin of it fine sliowr over tho filtering Inyere, which nru c1Lipowt1 one i r l~~v c the other. and wide-inout hcd ii n'n conncctcd wit 11 riti czhrruntrr uro disposed in scvcm~ 01' t\ic conipnrtmcntn lictwccn tile liltcring luycrs in such n inniin-r thrrt tho liquicl throughout its courw rcinnins iindcr it Iiructicnlly coiwtaiit ilc w o of auction. ~r i t l r i wny tlrc npcci~ of ii~trution in nccc5;.rotc~ orid gusa nrc rcniovcd from tho liquid.-A. S. Seprutiirg aolitl actlataticra coiiloiiietl iii liyrith or litpiid tiiauuc~ ; I'rwem find u p p r a t u a /or -. 11. Henckc. Fr. Pat. 462,288, 6cpt. I). 1013. A IIOIUZOSTA:. wforntcd druni covcretl with suitrrble filtering mntcrinl is rotnted pnrtiy irnmcrucd in n tnnk. Tho interior of thc driini in divicletl into novcrnl coniprt. riients whicli nrc in coniniiinicntion with n virciiuni IiilniIi an thnt 3s tho tlruni rotiitcs nn incrcnHing snctioil nin be applictl, whilnt nn succrmivc portions of tlic IicriliKcry rcnch thc dixchnrgc poxition tho V~C I I I I I I I is cut off. 'J'jlc discharge of the cnkc i R ctTcctctl iwc*fcrcrbly by ti roller cirrrying nn andless Iinnd wliich works iigninet the Iicriplicry of the driini curd is rotntcd in tho oiiposito direction. -\\'. 11. L'. --I'fiekitig nlaorptioit or rractioti forwrs. R. Moritz. Fr Pnt. 462,877, Scpt. 23, IDlX Pt:nmc.u. or horizontnl pnrtitions nro provided 80 thirty nkhough tho liquid con pnss f r d y downwnrd8 tho p i ' snrc compcllcd to tnkc Any clcsirccl tortuous conrse. Tho pnrtitions nrc siipportcd cntircly by thc pncking mntcrinl. -\V. H. C. Dicrlyaiiig itwiiibrtiiiru : I'rcluirutioii 01 -. R. Hihiberg,. C:cr l'trt. 200,115. Aprjl Iti. C. Uriilirn, uncl 11. Miilisini. 1013. l h~s of Sorgiiigor othrr siibstrrncc prcpnrd froin scnwcccl.. prcfcrirbly aprcncl on siiitnlilo suplwrb (nictnl wirc g~ruzo o r the likr. pcrforntrcl plntcs, unglnzecl porcclnin, ctc.) tire hnrclcnnl I J~ timtincnt with mct.illic snlts, nciclj, or ncitl nubstniicw. The? rdrcnRth of tlio films niay lie incrcnawl 1iy incorprntiny insnliiblc subatnnccrr, such 11s bnriirni sdphntc. tiilc, kickt~lguhr. ctc.. wit 11 the I\l'orgine or proclncing prccipitntvs of at~ch nubstnnci-s diiriiig tho hnrdcning Iiroccw.-A. S. //oicrcwJt*iii*iiig liqiiiilu ; Jltthocl it/ -. F. JI. Ucrbcrich. GCT. 1'nt. 2ci!),5W, July 30, 1011. '~I E trplinriitus irwd b sliowi i n tho fiprc. Tliu liquid cntcm uiitlcr prcnsiiro tliroiigli tlic cliirnncl, I , nnd irftcr pwiiig thrniigh tlic nnrroiv piNu\ges aliown, c d c s p ! br rvny of the grooves, 1. niitl chtrniiel. ti. Tho provwion of tha iiirrrow nnnulnr chnniicls, J, ciuiircs tlint . ciich portion of thc liquid conics rcpnMly in contnct . with nnothcr portion nioving in tlic oppsitu dirootion The 1trcwiu-o on tho liqiiicl is &Tented n t the nnrrowwt portion of tho dcvicc.--A. S. Siilutioii o/ uolitl err~uttri~ccu : :Ipprrcrlice Jor llie cotititiicortz. -, eulmiully /or uldiiig liiite with airgur juice o r im~er. 11. Ebcrhnrdt, Jlirscliincn-und Annntirrciifulirik. Ccr. Piit. 870,045, Nov. 5, 1'318. Addition to (:or. h t . 2U8,442. TIIK pcrforatml cyliiidor tliroii@ which tliu luntoriali tlcsccnds, iw tlcxcribed in tho chief putciit (this J., 1014, 127), is fixed ccccntricnlly within tho clinmlring vcsllcl, iriid below tho cyliadcr but nbovc tho wmlwr which tlircotH tho iintlixnolvctl iiintcrinl into tho worn1 clorntor, is nn ngitntor whioli forces tlio solvont liiiuitl iipwnrds wit1 lalcnilly through the ~arforntecl oylinder.-A. 8. .4yylaiiicriiliiig jiiielg dicitlctl grcitiiilio or fricrbk jiicttcritt1.y ; / ' r w c u~e~ oj-. \'. A . Cr, Ih-FUEL ; GAS ; MINERAL OILS AND WAXES. 303 ~IL-FUEL ; GAS ; MINERAL O m AND WAXES. aC'oci1 ; .4bsorptioii 01 gmrR by -. 17. I,cprincc-I?iii,niict. Cornptrs riwl., 1914, 158, 57::-570. GASES (tire-chinp, ciirlion diosiclr, iiir, osygvn, nntl :~iicthnne, at prwsiircs ninging froiii 0% to 80 ntnioj.) wri! nl~aorliccl by coiil to 11 rniicli Irss cstent thun IJV ~rIinrconI, but tlic iil~sorption i n IiotIi ciiws w i n of the! sanh. geiirrnl clrnriictc.r : ii stntc of iqiiililiriiiin cnintcd for riicli tcwi wrnturc nntl Iircssiirv. nnd thr n!,norption i i i n r~i c t~~v cfccrciinecl iis t ~i c tcilipriitirrc rose : t~i c incrcnsctl iibwrptibii wit!i riHc of prcwiirc \vns rcipici iit firnt I~IIL ~grntliinlly tcnclrtl to n h i t . Ki~iiililiriiini wns rcnchc~l rcry rlowly nncl, rspccinllv i n t IIC cnsc of cnrliiin cliosiili., cvnfiitioii of the nIisiirIx4 gns. Iioivcvcr sIo\rly ciTcctt*ti. irns spisiiiodic. Ikwilts of t Iiv sninc order of i~ingiiitiitlr \rere olitninctl with coiils of witlcly clitTc-rciit coiiipositioii rind nizo of griiin : t1ic.y nllortlrtl no cspliiiiotion of the dnrge cvoliitioii of lire-tliiinp obscrvctl in very g~i~9.v ininw. Siirjiirc coiii6rtntio~i. \Y. A. Ilonc.. 1Ioy. Inst., 12i-11. 27, 1!)14. -1. GIIH Lighting, l!)lJ, 125, 572-57:l. (Scc also this .J., l!lll, 327 : ltbl2, 01, 524.) '~'LSTS inntlc with tlic I 10-tiibc Iioilrr nt tiit-SkiniiinRrovc. Jron \Vorks (ncc this J.. l!ll2, (il) nfter it Iind riiii for f , montlis sho\ved tlint with II totnl criiporntioii of 5000 111. -elf watvr from Iind n t 219' 1' . ( 100' ( j . ) p w hour. rlic rntin of licrit irtilisctl to net hcut siippliccl. wns O.!b27 : 1, i i~~c l tliiit the inechiinicnl p r o p d i m of tlic tubes were not * * k " ZUI clcteriiiinctl by otlicr iiivcstigiitors linR II vahie .of 4.0. This is in closo ngreoiueiit with tho vnliics olitainuti . b \ v uxplotliiig the followiii~ giiniwiifi iiiixtiirrn : (:ti ,+O,.
doi:10.1002/jctb.5000330610 fatcat:szbtjnbkuvfcfpebmptcjlsyru