IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing Edics

2018 IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing  
AUDIO AND ACOUSTIC SIGNAL PROCESSING AUD-MAAE Modeling, Analysis and Synthesis of Acoustic Environments Acoustic system modeling; room response measurement; modeling and simulation; room geometry inference; refl ector localization; reverberation time estimation; direct-to-reverberation ratio estimation. AUD-AMHA Auditory Modeling and Hearing Aids Human audition and psychoacoustics; computational auditory scene analysis; perceptual and psychophysical models of audio algorithms and systems;
more » ... ar implants; hearing aids; binaural hearing; signal processing in hearing aids. AUD-ASAP Acoustic Sensor Array Processing Far-fi eld and near-fi eld beamforming; acoustic sensor array processing; source localization and tracking; time-delay estimation; speech enhancement using acoustic sensor arrays; distributed and ad-hoc microphone arrays. AUD-NEFR Active Noise Control, Echo Reduction and Feedback Reduction Active Noise Control, Echo Reduction and Feedback Reduction Active noise cancellation and suppression; single-channel and multichannel acoustic echo cancelation; echo path estimation and modeling; echo suppression; nonlinear echo reduction; double-talk detection; adaptive fi lter theory for audio applications; adaptive techniques for feedforward control; feedback cancellation; feedback suppression. AUD-SIRR System Identifi cation and Reverberation Reduction SIMO and MIMO identifi cation; reverberation cancelation and suppression; blind deconvolution; channel-shortening; channel equalization. AUD-SEP Audio and Speech Source Separation Single-channel and multichannel source separation; computational acoustic scene analysis. AUD-SEN Signal Enhancement and Restoration Noise reduction; noise estimation, compensation, and equalization; audio de-noising and restoration; bandwidth expansion; clipping restoration, near-end listening enhancement.
doi:10.1109/taslp.2018.2855927 fatcat:cz5n7joepreevfgyagk7n7h544