Investigations on noval method for the formulation of solid dispersions part- I Formulation, characterization and selection

Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Anil Kumar Middha
2017 International Journal of Drug Delivery  
<p>The solid dispersions of indomethacin with hydrophilic polymers were prepared by lyophilization. The polymers used in the investigation were HPMC, PVP K30, CBR and PLF 127. The solubility and dissolution of indomethacin from prepared lyophilized solid dispersions were investigated in 0.1 N HCl, purified water and USP-NF dissolution media. Out of fifteen lyophilized formulations from F1 to F15, five formulations F2, F5, F8, F12 and F14 showed highest solubility in purified water. Formulation
more » ... water. Formulation F2, F8 failed to comply with the USP-NF dissolution test for indomethacin capsules. Formulation F14 showed maximum dissolution in the respective dissolution media within 60 min. Sustained drug release was observed for 6 h with formulations F2 and F8 in USP-NF media. The formulations F2, F5, F8, F12 and F14 were characterized by modulated DSC and FT-IR spectroscopy. Some Formulations on stability testing were found physico-chemically stable at accelerated temperature conditions.</p>
doi:10.5138/09750215.2173 fatcat:wn3dnze3sbgnteaykigaun2fpa