Analysis of Attributes in the Official Definitions for Learning Disability

S. Venkatesan
2017 International Journal of Indian Psychology  
The phenomenon of learning disability is increasingly occupying the centre stage all over the world. Still, there is no commonly agreed definition for the condition. Method: This study attempts a comparative analysis of the similarities or differences between 23 official definitions of learning disability derived from various sources. By using a quantitative-cum-qualitative systematic procedure of identification and listing the attributes, prioritizing and rank ordering them, assigning of
more » ... riate weights before deducing their conceptual meaning, observations on the nomenclature and content characteristics of the definitions were created as basic data units to be undertaken in this analysis. Results: There is plurality of definitions amidst varying emphasis on nature or content of especially seven majorly identified attributes with little agreement on what qualities characterize the condition of learning disability. The implications of these findings are discussed in the context of the need for quantifying or establishing the empirical veracity of the identified attributes before explicating a cohesive or meaningful overall re-statement on definition of learning disabilities. The need for cross cultural and transnational research is highlighted.
doi:10.25215/0402.027 fatcat:s3gmgamuejbuldmvwbprj57z2y