Mechanics and Quasi-Static Manipulation of Planar Elastic Kinematic Chains

Timothy Bretl, Zoe McCarthy
2013 IEEE Transactions on robotics  
In this paper, we study quasi-static manipulation of a planar kinematic chain with a fixed base in which each joint is a linearly elastic torsional spring. The shape of this chain when in static equilibrium can be represented as the solution to a discretetime optimal control problem, with boundary conditions that vary with the position and orientation of the last link. We prove that the set of all solutions to this problem is a smooth three-manifold that can be parameterized by a single chart.
more » ... mpirical results in simulation show that straight-line paths in this chart are uniformly more likely to be feasible (as a function of distance) than straightline paths in the space of boundary conditions. These results, which are consistent with an analysis of visibility properties, suggest that the chart we derive is a better choice of space in which to apply a sampling-based algorithm for manipulation planning. We describe such an algorithm and show that it is easy to implement. Index Terms-Deformable objects, manipulation planning, motion and path planning, optimal control.
doi:10.1109/tro.2012.2218911 fatcat:qo24d74vlvc7ba2ctyf233o2eq