The Virtual Harmonic Power Droop Strategy to Mitigate the Output Harmonic Voltage of the Inverter

Yuan Yao, Longyun Kang
2018 Energies  
The harmonic voltage issue becomes a challenge for a distributed generation system. Considering that droop control is the most common control algorithm used in the distributed system, a virtual harmonic power droop strategy which aims to mitigate the harmonic voltage is proposed in this paper. First, the conventional droop control is analyzed. Based on that concept, the virtual power algorithm is introduced. Second, the output harmonic voltage issue and the mathematical model of the inverter
more » ... presented. In addition, the second-order generalized integrator is briefly discussed. Third, taking into consideration the algorithms and models presented, a virtual harmonic power droop strategy is proposed to implement the harmonic voltage mitigation. In this algorithm, signals in fundamental frequency and harmonic frequency are separated with the help of second-order generalized integrators. Unlike the conventional voltage–current dual loop structure which is used to mitigate system harmonics, this method only needs the virtual power feedback to mitigate the harmonic voltage. Based on these features, the system's control structure is simplified. Simulation and experimental results verified the harmonic voltage mitigation ability of the proposed strategy.
doi:10.3390/en11092196 fatcat:t3pcbkaumzdojigxheq25xpdy4