Teleradiology in the European Union

Andreas Adam, London Uk, Albert Baert, Leuven Be, José Bilbao, Pamplona Es, Lorenzo Bonomo, Rome It, Éamann Breatnach, Dublin Ie, Christian Herold, Vienna At (+13 others)
Experience suggests that it is necessary to re-emphasise some of the key EAR/UEMS guidelines: Clinical teleradiology is an integrated medical service and not only an outsourcing reporting service 1. Only fully qualified specialist clinical radiologists should provide the teleradiology service. They must be properly accredited and registered within the European Community. They should be formally registered in the country in which the teleradiology services are being provided, and should also be
more » ... and should also be registered and subject to quality and revalidation requirements of the EU member state for which they wish to provide teleradiology services. 2. The reporting radiologist must have a proper knowledge of the national language of the source country. This is enshrined in the qualifications directive and should be monitored by the national or regional authorities. 3. A definitive report is mandatory with the signature of the reporting radiologist.