Hall Current Effects on Magnetohydrodynamics Fluid over an Infinite Rotating Vertical Porous Plate Embedded in Unsteady Laminar Flow

Nisat Nowroz, Anika, Md Hoque, Nazmul Islam
2013 Annals of Pure and Applied Mathematics   unpublished
This work is concerned with the Numerical treatment of MHD on unsteady Magnetohydrodynamics Fluid flow past an infinite rotating vertical porous plate with heat transfer considering Hall current has been made. The solution would be based mainly on numerical transformation methods. The above mentioned framework has been considered in the one-dimensional unsteady problem. The system of equations has been transformed by usual transformation into a non-dimensional form. The dimensionless momentum
more » ... sionless momentum and temperature equations are solved numerically by implicit finite difference technique. They are discussed for different time steps as well as for different values of parameters of physical and engineering interest. Also the corresponding wall shear stresses as well as rate of heat transfer coefficient, better named the Nusselt number has been performed. The obtained solutions have been graphically represented for different values of the well-known parameters. Finally, a qualitative comparison has been made between the present work and previous published result.