TQL: a query language for semistructured data based on the ambient logic

2004 Mathematical Structures in Computer Science  
The ambient logic is a modal logic proposed to describe the structural and computational properties of distributed and mobile computation. The structural part of the ambient logic is, essentially, a logic of labeled trees, hence it turns out to be a good foundation for query languages for semistructured data, much in the same way as first order logic is a fitting foundation for relational query languages. We define here a query language for semistructured data that is based on the ambient
more » ... n the ambient logic, and we outline an execution model for this language. The language turns out to be quite expressive. Its strong foundations and the equivalences that hold in the ambient logic are helpful in the definition of the language semantics and execution model. Giorgio Ghelli and Luca Cardelli bib[ book[year[1999] | title[DataOnTheWeb] | author[ first[Serge] | last[Abiteboul] ]
doi:10.1017/s0960129504004141 fatcat:a5awxt3jl5dpfa3qbllhjuk34y