O25 Alcohol related liver disease: delayed diagnosis and missed opportunities for intervention

Miss Rebecca Elleray, Mohsen Subhani, Stephen Ryder, Jane Bethea
2021 Oral   unpublished
hypertension. The difference in all-cause and liver-related mortality suggests that this survival benefit may not be entirely liver related. REFERENCES 1. Sinha R, Lockman KA, Mallawaarachchi N, Robertson M, Plevris JN, Hayes PC. Carvedilol use is associated with improved survival in patients with liver cirrhosis and ascites. Abstract O23 Figure 1 Abstract O24 Figure 1 Change from baseline in ALP and total bilirubin through 72 months of OCA treatment Abstracts Gut 2021;70(Suppl 1):A1-A262 A13
more » ... January 27, 2021 by guest. Protected by copyright. Abstract O26 Figure 1 Least square mean change in FM, FM VCTE and FAST Abstracts A14 Gut 2021;70(Suppl 1):A1-A262
doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2020-bsgcampus.25 fatcat:bnjvskivvnahpkmejalq4qafdm