Identify healthy and dead cells simultaneity of Bacillus subtilis MZ through to use of propidium iodide and acridine orange

Naieli Herrera-Reyes, Víctor Olalde-Portugal, Lino Sanchez-Segura
2019 ECORFAN (Nicaragua)  
The use of microorganism in a lot of process brings the development of new technologies. For guarantee the effect and the impact of the microorganism, even, the production rate when these microorganisms are involved in the production of a particular compound, become necessary know the number and condition of this organism. In the actuality, there are a lot of tools to identify this condition, since kits of staining cells, until, the best microscopy technology. But the use of this tools could
more » ... this tools could become inaccessible due the high cost and in the case of de staining kits had a limited test. Then emerge the necessity to search and implement news methodologies to help us to identify health and death cells in different inoculs or products. In this work, we proposed a new technology for the simultaneous observation of healthy and dead cells trough the staining samples with propidium iodide and acridine orange using an optic microscopy with incandescent light and ultraviolet light.
doi:10.35429/ejrn.2019. fatcat:jorr34ot2jfhjdb7a6g2skevau