Utilization of Parabolic Trough Collector for Generation of Hot Working Fluid-A Review

Ranjith Suhas, G Aekanth
2017 IJIRST-International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology|   unpublished
Parabolic troughs are concentrating solar collectors that concentrates solar energy onto a single focal line. The usage of parabolic concentrator for heating up the working fluid by passing it through the focal point of the parabola is focused. Usage of multiple parabolic troughs and certain modifications in the trough design are made to increase the overall collector efficiency. Different configurations of the absorber pipes and different types of working fluid that could be used are
more » ... used are presented. The effectiveness of parabolic collector over other conventional collectors are compared analytically and experimentally. Different analytical and experimental methods for designing the functional parabolic setup is presented. Practical application of parabolic trough collectors in various areas which were experimented are reviewed.