Real-time integration of cell death and proliferation kinetics at the single-cell and population-level using high-throughput live-cell imaging [article]

Jesse D. Gelles, Jarvier N. Mohammed, Luis C. Santos, Jerry E. Chipuk
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
SummaryQuantifying cytostatic and cytotoxic outcomes are integral components of characterizing perturbagens used as research tools and/or in drug discovery pipelines. Furthermore, data-rich acquisition coupled with robust methods for analysis is required to properly assess the function and impact of these perturbagens. Here, we present a detailed and versatile method for Single-cell and Population-level Analyses using Real-time Kinetic Labeling (SPARKL). SPARKL integrates high-content live-cell
more » ... imaging with automated detection and analysis of fluorescent reporters of cell death. We outline several examples of zero-handling, non-disruptive protocols for detailing cell death mechanisms and proliferation profiles. Additionally, we suggest several methods for mathematically analyzing these data to best utilize the collected kinetic data. Compared to traditional methods of detection and analysis, SPARKL is highly sensitive, accurate, and extremely high-throughput while substantially eliminating sample processing and providing richer data.
doi:10.1101/596239 fatcat:qoe5tea2r5dhdcy4itjtuguiwy