The Characterization and Valorization of Clay Extracted from Ntokou Locality (Brazzaville, Republic of Congo)

Banzouzi Samba Vivien Igor, Diamouangana Mpissi Zita Flora, Moutou Joseph-Marie Saint Bastia, Makosso Voula Roger, Vila Noemi Thierry Arcady, Loubaki Raunel, Foutou Paul Mozalin
2020 Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences  
The purpose of this study is to characterize a clay soil chemically, physically, mineralogically and technologically, taken from the locality of Ntokou, located near Makoua (Brazzaville, Republic of Congo). This clay is analyzed. The relevant revelations are made about its mineralogical composition determined by X-ray diffraction. The ternary diagrams, constructed on the basis of chemical and mineralogical compositions, are necessary and important for the production of ceramic products (which
more » ... c products (which are still traditional until today), by improving the technological parameters (Atterberg limits, linear shrinkage, water absorption, porosity and flexural strength) of this clay. The technological parameters are measured from the temperature of 900 to 1150°C. The thermal behavior is studied from DTA/TGA curves. After cooking, collocated ceramic products are observed: this is confirmed by the diagrams of chemical and mineralogical compositions of Fiori. The clay soil of Ntokou can also be used as a complementary material in the manufacture of hollow ceramic products, according to Augustinik diagram.
doi:10.19026/rjees.12.6056 fatcat:wnstqfgt4bdq7djyjlq4cmadmy