Orion: The Largest Infrared Hybrid Focal Plane in Production

Albert M. Fowler, Michael Merrill, William J. Ball, Arne A. Henden, Frederick J. Vrba, Craig R. McCreight, Masanori Iye, Alan F. M. Moorwood
2003 Instrument Design and Performance for Optical/Infrared Ground-based Telescopes  
Orion is a program to develop a 2048x2048 infrared focal plane using InSb PV detectors. It is the natural follow-on to the successful Aladdin 1024x1024 program, which was the largest IR focal plane of the 90's. Although the pixels are somewhat smaller than Aladdin, the overall focal plane is over 50mm in size and for the present is the largest IR focal plane of the 21 st century. The work is being done by Raytheon Infrared Operations (RIO but better known as SBRC) by many of the same people who
more » ... created the Aladdin focal plane. The design is very similar to the successful Aladdin design with the addition of reference pixels to lower noise and drift effects in long integrations. So far we have made five focal plane modules with hybridized InSb detectors. In this paper we will discuss the unique design features of this device as well as present test data taken from these devices.
doi:10.1117/12.460038 fatcat:teboxbaharcijnurxxfxvmwzue