Oblivious routing design for mesh networks to achieve a new worst-case throughput bound

Guang Sun, Chia-Wei Chang, Bill Lin, Lieguang Zeng
2012 2012 IEEE 30th International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD)  
1/2 network capacity is often believed to be the limit of worst-case throughput for mesh networks. However, this paper provides a new worst-case throughput bound, which is higher than 1/2 network capacity, for odd radix two-dimensional mesh networks. In addition, we propose a routing algorithm called U2TURN that can achieve this worstcase throughput bound for odd radix meshes. For even radix meshes, we prove that U2TURN achieves the optimal worst-case throughput, namely, half of network
more » ... of network capacity. U2TURN considers all routing paths with at most 2 turns and distributes the traffic loads uniformly in both X and Y dimensions. Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that U2TURN outperforms existing routing algorithms in worstcase throughput. Moreover, U2TURN achieves good average-throughput at the expense of approximately 1.5x minimal average hop count. For asymmetric meshes, we further propose an algorithm called "U2TURN-A" and provide theoretical analysis for different algorithms. Both theoretical analysis and simulation show that U2TURN and U2TURN-A outperform existing algorithms VAL, DOR and O1TURN in both worstcase and average throughput for asymmetric meshes.
doi:10.1109/iccd.2012.6378674 dblp:conf/iccd/SunCLZ12 fatcat:cljv6w3wzbcafavatm4wzn4fbe