Hydroponic-cultured Ginseng leaf extract attenuates murine collagen-induced arthritis by reducing pro-inflammatory responses

Gil-Hyun Lee, Kyung-Yae Hyun
2015 IJISET-International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology   unpublished
Purpose: We carried out the present study to demonstrate that oral treatment with Ginseng leaf protects SD rats from arthritis development and Ginseng leaf are an effective inhibitor of arthritis-induced proinflammatory cytokines. Methods: Animal experimental groups were divided by six groups and CIA induced animal model group were fed on extract of Gingseng leaf (HGLE). The rats were evaluated daily for the clinical signs of arthritis, hind paw volume, and body weight. The plasma levels of
more » ... kine(TNF-α, IL-1β, and IL-6), biochemical markers, and nitric oxide concentration were analyzed. In collected knee joint and medulla oblongata, we carried out histological analysis and monoclonal antibodies(NFκB, p38, iNOS, and Nrf2) of western bolt. Conclusion: Our study has demonstrated the joint protective and anti-inflammatory effects of HGLE from RA animal model, which would be related to the inhibition of relevant signaling pathways such as NF-κB, and p38 controlling the production of inflammatory mediators.