Hydrogen Peroxide Formation during Catechin Oxidation Is Inhibited by Superoxide Dismutase

1995 Food Science and Technology International Tokyo  
We established a simple method to quantify hydrogen peroxide (H202) generated during the aerobic heating process of (+)-catechin solution. Using this method, we found that non-enzymatic H202 formation from catechin depended on pH, temperature, incubation time, and the presence of 02 in the solution. The formation of oxidized products of (+)-catechin, which was estimated by measuring the absorbance of the solution at 430 nm, also depended on these factors. The H202 formation was inhibited by
more » ... as inhibited by various kinds of superoxide dismutase (SOD) with almost the same dose dependency. Although the oxidation of (+)-catechin was enhanced by superoxide (02-), neither catalase nor H202 had any effects on the oxidation. These results suggest that 02-, rather than H202, participated in the autoxidation of (+)-catechin, which was coupled with the H202 formation.
doi:10.3136/fsti9596t9798.1.65 fatcat:4p5yo5gtgray7hmpgyt5pwzdkm