1989 Journal of Clinical Pathology  
This excellent short book has an entertaining way of presenting a wide range of problems in blood banking. Its chapters cover processing of donor blood, tests on prospective recipients, antibody identification, blood component inventories, transfusion reactions, prenatal and neonatal testing, Rh immunoglobulin, diagnosis of HDN, and selection of blood for exchange transfusion. The only omission seems to be autoimmune haemolysis. Each section provides a surprising amount of information: a short
more » ... ntroduction is followed by a series of exercises aimed to cover the major problems likely to arise in that area. The reader is invited to solve the problems before turning to the authors' answers and interpretations. The book is intended to develop a methodical approach to blood bank problems. It succeeds admirably, is fun to use, and will be of value to both clinical and laboratory haematologists. I thoroughly recommend it. RJ SOKOL
doi:10.1136/jcp.42.5.560-c fatcat:ew4r4ooajfcyniy4bcpkuskitm