Hydraulic Study of Bubble Migration in Liquid Titanium Alloy Melt during Vertical Centrifugal Casting Process

Qin Xu, Xing Wang, Shiping Wu
2019 High Temperature Materials and Processes  
The bubble migration in liquid titanium melt during vertical centrifugal casting process has been investigated by hydraulic experiments. Results show that the gas bubble in the simple cavity ultimately migrates like a line parallel to the wall in the opposite direction to the rotational casting mould. The deviation distance of the bubble in the simple geometry cavity tends to increase with the increment of the mould rotational speed during the migration process. And the gas bubble is much
more » ... ubble is much easier to migrate like a line when its initial position is nearer to the casting mould wall which is opposite to the mould rotational direction. The migration trajectories of bubbles located at different position in the complex cavity are more complicated than that in the simple cavity. The casting mould in the complex cavity can hamper both the radial movement and the circular movement of the bubble. And gas bubbles will gather, re-nucleate and form new bigger bubbles beside the casting mould wall. The re-formed gas bubbles in the complex cavity become bigger than which escape from bubble generation chamber.
doi:10.1515/htmp-2018-0002 fatcat:de47r77grzb5zf5lu3tn6wlmpm