A Deformable Fast Computation Elastic Model Based on Element Reduction and Reconstruction

2005 IEICE transactions on information and systems  
Shinya MIYAZAKI †a) , Mamoru ENDO †b) , Members, Masashi YAMADA †c) , Nonmember, Junichi HASEGAWA † †d) , Takami YASUDA † † †e) , and Shigeki YOKOI † † †f) , Members SUMMARY This paper presents a deformable fast computation elastic model for real-time processing applications. 'Gradational element resolution model' is introduced with fewer elements for fast computation, in which small elements are laid around the object surface and large elements are laid in the center of the object. Elastic
more » ... object. Elastic element layout is changed dynamically according to the deformation of cutting or tearing objects. The element reconstruction procedure is applied little by little for each step of the recursive motion generation process to avoid an increase in motion computation time.
doi:10.1093/ietisy/e88-d.5.822 fatcat:wnpyj6jcvfgx3jgvk55kdilldm