Calculation of Physical Properties for Use in Models of Continuous Casting Process-Part 2: Steels

Kenneth C. Mills, Shyamprasad Karagadde, Peter David Lee, Lang Yuan, Fatemeh Shahbazian
2016 ISIJ International  
The objective of the present study was to calculate physical property values for steels from their chemical compositions for subsequent use in mathematical models of the fluid flow, heat transfer and shell solidification in the continuous casting mould. Values of the following properties of steels are calculated for temperatures between 298 K and 2 000 K; Heat Capacity (C p ) Density (ρ) Thermal conductivity (k) and diffusivity (a) Electrical resistivity (R) Viscosity (η) Surface (γ m ) and
more » ... rfacial tension (γ msl ). In addition temperatures of transitions (Liquidus T liq , Solidus T sol ) and various solid state transitions were also calculated. Ferritic and austenitic phases of Carbon -and stainless steels are both covered. The associated software is available on the following websites (i)
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.isijint-2015-365 fatcat:hfxcazoh7re25gb6a5fn6t27su