Full Field Modeling of the Zener Pinning Phenomenon in a Level Set Framework – Discussion of Classical Limiting Mean Grain Size Equation

A. Agnoli, M. Bernacki, N. Bozzolo, D. Ilin, B. Scholtes, A. Settefrati
2016 Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Superalloys   unpublished
The dragging effect exerted by second phase particles on grain growth in two-dimensional systems is investigated. Full field simulations were performed to highlight the influence of the size and the surface fraction of the precipitates on the limiting mean grain size. A modified version of the 2D classical Zener equation is finally proposed based on these numerical experiments. It is shown that the proposed model is in good agreement with other works from the literature.
doi:10.7449/superalloys/2016/superalloys_2016_497_503 fatcat:irrimn2c4vc65i4btbuufpqbam