Studi Tafsir QS. al-Nisâ' Ayat 3 Tentang Keabsahan Poligami

Muhammad Zulianto
2017 Tafáqquh: Jurnal Penelitian dan Kajian Keislaman  
In Islamic Law monogamy and polygamy got a legality. Interpretation about letter al-Nisa' clause 3 is basically talking about the principle of monogamy and terms in order to make polygamy. Husband is not allowed to practice polygamy if they worry can not do justice. Referring to lafaẓ sharṭiyyah 'wa in khiftum' which is also affirmed in subsequent lafaẓ namely 'allâ ta'dilû'. Exegetes requires legitimacy of polygamy mentioned in the letter Al-Nisa' clause 3 if the husband could do justice.
more » ... ld do justice. Generaly this review explain about the Interpretation of letter al-Nisa' clause 3 according expert of tafseer. But more than its there are many analysis from fikih, ordinance as like UU Perkawinan 1974, social fenomena, feminism analyst, and the methodology of exegesis. Among the selective opinion judicial formally prove the husband can be fair or not is al-Marâgî with additional terms likes if; the wife is barren; the husband has a high sexual desire; the husband has enough assets to cover all the needs of the family; and if the number of women more than men, which may occur as a result of the war. Thats are capacity requirement for husband want to get the legality of polygamy
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