Measurements of the Flow Field Within a Compressor Outlet Guide Vane Passage

J. F. Carrotte, K. F. Young, S. J. Stevens
1993 Volume 1: Aircraft Engine; Marine; Turbomachinery; Microturbines and Small Turbomachinery   unpublished
A series of tests have been carried out to investigate the flow in a Compressor Outlet Guide Vane (OGV) blade row downstream of a single stage rotor. The subsequent flow field that developed within an OGV passage was measured, at intervals of 10% axial chord, using a novel design of miniature 5 hole pressure probe. In addition to indicating overall pressure levels and the growth of regions containing low energy fluid, secondary flow features were identified from calculated axial voracity
more » ... ial voracity contours and flow vectors. Close to each casing the development of classical secondary flow was observed, but towards the centre of the annulus large well defined regions of opposite rotation were measured. These latter flows were due to the streamwise voracity at inlet to the blade row associated with the skewed inlet profile. Surface static pressures were also measured and used to obtain the blade pressure force at 3 spanwise locations. These values were compared with the local changes in flow momentum calculated from the measured velocity distributions. With the exception of the flow close to the outer casing, which is affected by rotor tip leakage, good agreement was found between these quantities indicating relatively weak radial mixing.
doi:10.1115/93-gt-022 fatcat:obwakjm6yfaxjcuojfmadruh5q