On Joint Functional Calculus For Ritt Operators [article]

Parasar Mohanty, Samya Kumar Ray
2018 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we study joint functional calculus for commuting n-tuple of Ritt operators. We provide an equivalent characterisation of boundedness for joint functional calculus for Ritt operators on L^p-spaces, 1< p<∞. We also investigate joint similarity problem and joint bounded functional calculus on non-commutative L^p-spaces for n-tuple of Ritt operators. We get our results by proving a suitable multivariable transfer principle between sectorial and Ritt operators as well as an appropriate joint dilation result in a general setting.
arXiv:1712.05530v2 fatcat:yb6wliayjjepbi4euu4xprk45i