Where Is the Palestinian Talmud Going?

Sergey Dolgopolski
2021 Religions  
Where does the archive of the Rabbinic Rhetorical Schools in Sepphoris, Caesarea and Tiberias belong in the formation of modern subjectivity and humanity? In his archeology of modern subjectivity, Alain de Libera answers a similar question about Church Fathers to locate the beginnings of both (1) a modern human as a willing and thinking subject and of (2) Heidegger's critique thereof in the philosophical horizons of Western and Eastern patristics. In this context, the essay examines a fragment
more » ... xamines a fragment of the archive in juxtaposition with de Libera's discovery of the patristic horizon of Heidegger's thought. The essay builds upon and reconsiders the method of philosophical archeology as a self-critical "method" of examining the "beginnings" as retro-projections of repetition in both Heidegger's (eschatological) and de Libera's (post-theological) versions of philosophical archeology. The results are a comparative reading of the two parallel, never-intersecting but ever commensurable figures of the relationships between G-d and Israel in the Rabbinic and Patristic horizons of thought and a requalification of the scope and task of archeology of modern subjectivity in de Libera's and Heidegger's work.
doi:10.3390/rel12060409 fatcat:ozuwl7z5ozgrxbpcgzy3zqg4fe