High energy inelastic electron-hadron scattering in peripheral kinematics: Sum rules for hadron form factors

E. A. Kuraev, M. Sečanský, E. Tomasi-Gustafsson
2006 Physical Review D  
Relations between differential cross section for inelastic scattering of electrons on hadrons and hadron form factors (sum rules) are derived on the basis of analytical properties of heavy photon forward Compton scattering on hadrons. Sum rules relating the slope of form-factors at zero momentum transfer and anomalous magnetic moments of hadrons with some integrals on photo-production on a hadrons is obtained as well. To provide the convergence of these integrals we construct differences of
more » ... vidual sum rules for different hadrons. Universal interaction of Pomeron with nucleons is assumed. We derive the explicit formulae for processes of electro-production on proton and light isobar nuclei. Sudakov's parametrization of momenta, for peripheral kinematics relevant here, is used. The light-cone form of differential cross sections is also discussed. The accuracy of sum rules estimated in frames of point-like hadrons and it is shown to be at the level of precision achievable by experiments. Suggestions and predictions for future experiments are also given.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.73.125016 fatcat:3nea5j6zpfba7pkmck3eikoa5q