D.f. Loop Errors due to Heel

Francis Chichester
1956 Journal of navigation  
Yacht and other small-boat navigators must often wonder what error in a d.f. loop reading on a radiobeacon may be due to heel. The error is in fact quite small, the maximum for a 25° angle of heel being 2°.8 when the bearing is quadrantal to the boat's heading, i.e. when the relative bearing is 45°, 135°, 225° or 315°. When the relative bearing is 0, 90°, 180° or 270°, i.e. when the beacon is ahead or astern or abeam, the error is nil.Table I gives corrections to the nearest ½ degree, to be
more » ... ½ degree, to be applied to the relative bearing of a beacon for 15° and 25° of heel. It makes no difference whether the boat is heeled towards or away from the beacon.
doi:10.1017/s0373463300036742 fatcat:ska3lwytrbfftlle3a6ukwk3tq