Removal of Uranium from U-bearing Lime-Precipitate using dissolution and precipitation methods
우라늄 함유 석회침전물의 용해 및 침전에 의한 U 제거

Eil-Hee Lee, Keun-Young Lee, Dong-Yong Chung, Kwang-Wook Kim, Kune-Woo Lee, Jei-Kwon Moon
2012 Journal of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology  
This study was carried out to remove (/recover) the uranium from the Uranium-bearing Lime Precipitate (ULP). An oxidative dissolution of ULP with carbonate-acidified precipitation and a dissolution of ULP with nitric acidhydrogen peroxide precipitation were discussed, respectively. In point of view the dissolution of uranium in ULP, nitric acid dissolution which could dissolved more than 98% of uranium was more effective than carbonate dissolution. However, in this case, uranium was dissolved
more » ... ium was dissolved together with a large amount of impurities such as Al, Ca, Fe, Mg, Si, etc. and some impurities were also co-precipitated with uranium during a hydrogen peroxide precipitation. On the other hand, in the case of carbonate dissolution-acidified precipitation, U was dissolved less than 90%. Therefore, it was less effective than nitric acid dissolution for the volume reduction of radioactive solid waste. However, it was very effective to recover the pure uranium, because impurities were hardly dissolved and hardly co-precipitated with uranium.
doi:10.7733/jkrws.2012.10.2.077 fatcat:bou4pyk4xbbqdmveyn6fktmzka