Methods for analysis of physical education teaching and the learning process

1998 Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education Health and Sport Sciences)  
Analysls of teaching and the learning process ls a research method that attempts to discover the basic principles of good teach 重 ng . In cQnducting this research , it is necessary to record the speech and beha、弓or of teachers and pupils durSng the teaching and learni 員 g process . However , it is not easy t⊂ ) record teaching , particularly during physical education classes , as the teacher and puptls rnove across a ] arge space . Moreover,as there are many factors involved in the process of
more » ... aching , it is not easy to analyze the d 三 rect causes of the phenomenon . Under such circumstances , a thesis that relates teach − ing to the learning process is often not evaluated as a scientificthesis . Furthermore , it is not unusual for sCientific joumals not to pubiish such theses because they are too 重 ong , 11 〕 th已 hope that such cir ・ curns ℃ances can be changed , th三 s article considers how to build a valuable recDrd of the tea ⊂ hing process and category analysis for rnethodological documentation of phenomena in the class , First, the document must have a valuab } e cQntent " Titten in an easier and understandable form , It is recom − mendabie し o no ヒ e the characteristic features Df the class when describing the teaching proeess so that the first guidelines can be determined by ca 亡 egory analysis . In any event , the key to better analys 玉 s of the teaching and leaming Process is垣 gh ユ y dependent on the abihty of the researcher to grasp the es ・ sence of the record or teaching methods i 皿 class . Key words : record of teaching process , record of educationa !practice , category analysis , pedagogy of teaching subject
doi:10.5432/jjpehss.kj00003392070 fatcat:rz7iuyp4cfel7gt6g22tem5iyu