Kulturelle Wissensnetzwerke

Andreas Prummer
2012 unpublished
The potential of computers in the theoretical work in the field of humanities, social and cultural sciences is not fully tapped. To allow this to happen, this research tried to analyze the fundamentals of knowledge from the perspective of communication science. The findings were used as a framework for a concrete as possible, informatic concept. One of the basic assumptions for the development of this communication scientific Framework was the fractal organization of our universe. This means
more » ... t our knowledge is built from combining the same basic components. The ultimate starting point for searching the basic fractals of our knowledge was the basic spatiotemporal human expierience and lead to the complex, modern society. The examination of the phenomenology of communication with regards to the terms network and knowledge was the end-point of this analysis. Through all this research the possibilities of computers served as a guideline.
doi:10.25365/thesis.23774 fatcat:xcqhcbkdqjfkvetrd3psx3bojy