Turkey's Norm Diffusion Policies toward the Middle East: Turkey's Role of Norm Entrepreneur and Norm Transmitter

IMAI Kohei
2011 Milletleraras  
This paper examines how Turkey has established and transformed particular norms as norm entrepreneur and norm transmitter toward the Middle East from constructivism perspectives. At first part, this study reviews previous studies about norm and norm spread, especially contributions of Florini, Finnemore and Sikkink, and Acharya. In second part, this paper presents framework of Turkey's norm entrepreneur and norm transmitter roles, and applies it to specific examples. As the examples of norm
more » ... xamples of norm entrepreneur, Ankara Forum and Turkish model are taken. On the other hand, Turkey's activities in Democratic Assistance Dialogue and in OIC were examples of norm transmitter.
doi:10.1501/intrel_0000000271 fatcat:ajq5fmce6je5fajr6wtu26piuy