Book Review: Technology and the Psychology of Second Language Learners and Users (New Language Learning and Teaching Environments)

Yang Chunhong
2021 Frontiers in Psychology  
eBook) Technology, which has seen a widespread integration into language learning and teaching process, is often believed to have a direct influence on the cognitive and psychological processes of language learners. Its influence on such processes is more complex than perceived for both language teachers and learners (Stockwell, 2013) . Despite the rich literature on the implementation of technology inside and outside the language classroom, there is still a lack of comprehensive research on
more » ... sive research on its effect on the psychological processes of language learners. Edited by Mark R. Freiermuth and Nourollah Zarrinabadi, Technology and the Psychology of Second Language Learners and Users aims to tackle this unexamined field and explores the tripartite melding of technology, second-language learners and users, and their psychological state by reporting the latest research conducted in different technology-based learning and teaching environments. Drawing on these studies across a number of countries, this monograph covers a wide range of different themes: processing and pragmatics, emotional and behavioral constructs, language learner identity, attitudes and perceptions, and motivation and willingness to communicate. This edited volume could not have been more well-timed in that technology-based language learning and teaching have come to the fore in recent years. In particular, online learning and teaching have become necessarily prevalent amid Covid 19 throughout the world. In the first part, Freiermuth makes an overview of the ineluctable confluence of technology, psychology, and second-language learners and users, highlighting several critical issues such as language learner psychology, various kinds of assets, and influences of technology, which sets the scene for the following parts. Regarding language learner psychology, Freiermuth argues that it can be summarized as individual differences which will be displayed in the studies reported in this volume. The final section of this part outlines researchers from 12 different countries and their contributions to this volume based on their interests and provides a summary of the studies presented in the following chapters.
doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2021.619887 fatcat:5jkkt4ortvecta7zlkdhvixpsy