Study on Regional Culture and Interactive Eco-social Development of Zhuhai-Macao in Big Data Era

Chenxi Fan, Songyang Han
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Social Science and Higher Education   unpublished
To promote the cooperation of Zhuhai-Macao in Big Data era, it is important not only to find out the present critical problems and major reasons from the complex history and realities, but also to put forward new feasible solutions based on the numerous research results. We collect relevant information as much as possible, build Zhuhai-Macao Research Database, and take advantage of the Big Data mining technology such as data attribute label, data fragmentation, data analysis and data statistics
more » ... and data statistics for the mass data. Our recent research drew the conclusions that Zhuhai-Macao had the same cultural root and a long history of cooperation; what's more, the regional culture of Zhuhai-Macao played a decisive role and had important influence on the interactive eco-social development between them. However, we found some new problems and contradictions such as transformation of Zhuhai-Macao government slowly, cooperation of Zhuhai-Macao government poorly, integration of Zhuhai-Macao incautiously and talents management of Zhuhai-Macao insufficiently too. Our results show that the Zhuhai-Macao cooperation and development needs to be based on their respective cultural characteristics and consider their own distinguishing cultural features, and the research needs to utilize the Big Data mining and other information technology fully, moreover, we should do research scientifically, analyze deeply and adjust the coping strategies continuously to adapt to the world changing constantly.
doi:10.2991/icsshe-15.2015.128 fatcat:t2pjmcvdi5avnpsu6s65v4bnii